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Thursday, April 4, 2013

App Review: 123 Number Magic Line Matching

abc 3Another app that I am loving for some easy independent intervention work is the 123 Number Magic Line Matching app by Preschool University! It is a terrific app that is FREE and I feel like you get a nice app for the price! It works on basic number sense in the app with 2 different choices of either matching number quantities to number quantities (such a tough concept for some of my Kinderfriends) or matching number quantities to numerals (so neat watching students discover that numbers actually mean something!) It only works on numbers 1-10, so it works really well for introducing the concept as it gives it a nice focus. It does only go so far for your higher students though.  However, when I added in our iPad Activity Packet from TPT my student's engagement went much longer! Plus, it helped increase their accountability of what they are working on in a Kindergarten friendly way!!

I was reminded of my fondness of this app when I had a new student join my class from out of state and I needed them to review the basic math concepts. Its great to pull up this app, grab the packet, and have them work for a bit independently. I know that they are getting the exact math help they need in a fun and engaging way! Check out this app and others by Preschool University-we are BIG fans of their apps! And don't forget to swing by our TPT store and scope out our iPad Activity Packets to help take your student's learning to the next level!

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