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Thursday, November 7, 2013

QR Codes-A Few Pointers

What is a QR Code you ask.... QR stands for Quick Response. It is an image that when scanned will take you to a desired location quickly. You can create QR codes that take you to many places but a few include

  • PDF
  • Picture
  • Website
  • Link
  • Text
  • Video
  • Audio Recording
We recommend using the following QR codes for different reasons.

Zapper QR Code Scanner

We like Zappar QR Code Scanner because it allows you to create a business card right on your device. Angie has it on her iPhone and has made the QR Code her lock screen. Now there are no worries about people losing her business card or entering her number in to their phone wrong. They just have to scan my screen and my information is added right into their contacts.


When using iNigma with qrvoice.net kids can scan QR Codes and have their text read to them. Imagine a word wall with QR Codes by each word.

Scan- QR Code 
We like this app for our student devices because there are not a lot of extras that distract the kiddos. 

Here are a few ways we have used QR Codes in our classrooms!!
  • Each student has a QR Code next to their art work. When this QR code is scanned it will take you to a classroom Google Site. Each student has their own page on the Google Site which is updated with videos and art work from that child through out the year. Depending on the age of your students it can be a teacher managed page or student managed page.
  • Using the same concept as above with each student having a QR Code connected to their own page on a teacher created Google Site, you could tape the code to the back of their chair or on their name badge on the desk. As an added bonus for substitute teachers you could record each student saying their own name and add it to their page. (Sometimes visitors have a hard time with name pronunciation.)
  • Have you ever had a student that needed many reminders of the expectations in the bathroom. Instead of reminding that student over and over, why not have the class create videos with the classroom expectations. Link these videos to QR Codes and when someone needs a reminder, have them watch the video. This is a picture of the in class bathroom with a QR Code to bathroom expectations.