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Monday, December 30, 2013

My Favorite App

I often get asked what my favorite app is. Drum roll please....... Google Chrome is my favorite app. I use it every day on multiple devices and this is why...

On my computer...

Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store has Extensions, they are programs that work in conjunction with the website you are currently using.
  • I use the following extensions on a daily basis
    • goo.gl
    • wunderlist
    • Send from Gmail
    • Google Voice
    • Save to Google Drive
    • Split Screen
    • 1 Click Timer
    • Tabcloud
    • Chromecast
    • HootSuite
The Chrome Web Store also offers Apps, there are two different kinds. The first kind of app is just like a website, the app icon will take you to the corresponding website when clicked. The other kind of app takes you to a site that was developed specifically for use in Google Chrome and has features that you would not find otherwise.
  • I use the following apps 
    • Hootsuite
    • Feedly
    • Canva
    • PowToon
    • Blendspace
To find out more about the Apps and Extensions in the Chrome Web Store visit

On my mobile devices...

Other Devices

"Other Devices"is a wonderful feature you can find in the "Hotdog" on all of your devices using Chrome. It allows you to see and acess all of your open tabs across all devices. There are two situations when this feature is extremely helpful
  1. When I am not able to finish reading an article on my school computer and want to continue reading it at home on my personal computer. 
  2. When I begin reading an article on my iPhone and want to finish reading it on my computer.  Side note: I open the extension "Split Screen". This extension allows me to open a                                                  Google Doc and the article and access them side by side. 

Google Chrome has many other useful tools within the app, those are my top two favorites and where I recommend people to start when first using Chrome.

Originally Posted on my personal blog http://angiekalthoff.blogspot.com/