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Monday, October 29, 2012

ELA Apps are a MUST in my room!

If you are anything like me, you love for your kiddos to practice, practice, PRACTICE! My Kinderkiddos are struggling with the dullness of letter writing.  We are a ways into school now and for my students who aren't getting it this has turned into their least favorite task of all time (I know this from the ever popular thumbs up/down quick assessment at the end---some solid thumbs-down out there) A great app to help combat the letter rec/writing blues is Pocket Phonics by Apps in My Pocket.  Its a great app that helps kiddos work on letter names, sounds and blending! After pairing it with our iPod App Activity Packet from our TPT store I've found that I'm getting many more thumbs-ups! Check it out here!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Here is a great app called Chirp. It lets you send things to other devices through sound. Do you work with young students? Do you ever want to have them go to a website, receive a document or picture from you but they don't have an email address on their device? Have no fear. Download Chrip on devices and you can send things through sound!


We wanted to share this great resource with you. It is called Symbaloo
I have started to create one for my students to use with interactive books. It is simple to use and very helpful.
I am going to link tumble books that work on the iPad to this Symbaloo. Then during Daily 5, students will have a whole bunch of books they can use for Listen to Reading.

We will make a bookmark of this screen and save it to the home screen on the iPad. Apple Configurator will  will allow us to put this on all of our iPads in a few simple steps instead of having to touch each device.
Happy Reading!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Math App review: Friendly Shapes

Wanted to share with you all an app that I (and my K kiddos) are currently loving: Friendly Shapes by TabTale! It incorporates both reading and math with lots of fun interactive scenes and great shape recognition practice!! The free version is wonderful on its own if you are on a tight school budget like me, otherwise the paid full version has some great add-ons as well.  Check it out in iTunes: Friendly Shapes  Check out the app packet we created to help extend the learning from Friendly Shapes at our TPT store.  I used the matching shape cards today and they were a HUGE hit! I love being able to take the 'hook' of the iPod apps and transfer that intrigue from my students to further their knowledge. Teaching with technology is the best!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Math Standards

I have been working on connecting apps to standards. Here is a Google doc with the Common Core Math Standards. Next week at the MEMO conference I will be presenting on apps in a primary classroom. I will be talking about reading, math, creating, organizing and teaching apps. Currently in the process of putting my keynote presentation together. I will share it with you when it is done!

Monday, October 1, 2012

We are still here...promise!

First of all-we have to apologize to all of you! We have been missing for the last few weeks and we are so very sorry! Between Angie working hard at her new Tech Integrationist position and my switching schools, it has been a uber busy start to the school year! To be honest, we both have been getting home the last few weeks and crashed (a 8 o'clock bedtime isn't that lame---right?!?!?) But I promise we haven't given up on you or our mission to help elementary teachers integrate technology easily and successfully into their classrooms!
This week I have been working hard on a grant proposal to obtain a small group set of iPods for my classroom. My new school does have some iPods for us to use, but to have a set that I can use during both my math and reading times every day would be HUGE! So if you are like me and trying to obtain more (or your 1st set) of iPods to use in the classroom, I thought I would share with you a few different options for grants out there.
Heres some of what I've found:
***A great article titled 5 Opportunities to Get iPods Into Your Classroom. Gives good info on how to start obtaining iPods/iPads to use in your classroom.
***Donorschoose.org I'm currently working on writing my own proposal for here. Might as well try and get it out there!
***Your school's PTA and/or other school/community groups

Also, from what I read, it is worth the effort to ask for donations from your local businesses-ie Walmart, Target, Best Buy or whatever you have near. These businesses may be willing to donate even 1 iPod or iPad (hey you got to start somewhere!), even if it is refurbished it will still work for the classroom! Another great idea-ask people to donate their old iPods as they are upgrading to new ones. Its a tax write off for them and a great way for you to bring in the community as well!
Good luck hunting down those iPods! If you know of any other ways to get iPods into classrooms let us know!