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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

iPod/iPad Presentation was a BLAST!

We had an amazing day presenting to a great group of educators from a neighboring school district about all things iPod/iPad related! It was a challenge as everyone has such different experiences with iPods, iPads and even using apps, so we really hope that each person was able to walk away learning at least one new thing (I know I learned about some great new websites and some other fun new apps that I can't wait to check out!) Isn't it fantastic when educators come together and share resources?! We really got to see the great things that can come from collaboration today.  This is especially important since the wonderful world of apps can be very overwhelming at times!!!  But as overwhelming as it can be, we know what a great teaching tool it is for our students...and that's what really counts! So if you are just learning how to integrate iPod/iPad technology into your classroom-WELCOME! You are going to love it!!! Be sure to check back in with us often as we will be posting lots of great resources to help you navigate your way to being a techie teacher! Find us on Facebook and Twitter to get the most current happenings in our techie teacher world!!!!

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