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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day Four: iPad Apps for Kids Galore!

Sporting our Sophia T-Shirts! 
We had a fantastic time on Day 4 of our iPad courses at Resource Training and Solutions. This afternoon was devoted to iPad Apps with Kids which was filled with many great apps for literacy, math and creation in both primary and elementary classrooms. Normoff has tomorrow off and I think we will both be missing our terrific workshop participants!

Today many of the educators in attendance made note of how they'd like to learn more about creating higher level thinking activities for their students utilizing iPads and technology. A great way to do this is with the use of QR Codes! We have a class next week that isn't quite full yet and we will be discussing many ways to use QR Codes in education for all grade levels. Contact Resource Training and Solutions to sign up!

Here are a few blurbs from some of our wonderful workshop participants today:

Appreciated the laid back style and numerous apps that look to be of great quality.

Exciting presentation, very informative, hands on very useful, answers to many questions. Can go back and start to use.

They provided us with numerous apps that are of high quality and appeal for students.

This class was great because they took fun apps and told us how we can stretch them to make them work for us effectively in the classroom.

Here we are again! Don't forget to share with us your
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  1. The classes were informative and very fun!! Thanks ladies, you are awesome!!