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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


A little over a week ago I had the privilege of presenting at the iSummit in Minnesota. I am always excited when a new learning opportunity comes my way, and even more excited when it is with this wonderful group of people.

I lead two sessions.

My first session was an iPad Refresher session. People who were new to iPads and people who were looking for more from their iPad attended. I would say there were around 30 participants in the room. I had extra help from the Hopkins Genius Team.
Here is a link to my presentation. http://goo.gl/OyCQKu 

My second session was on Elementary Engagement. I shared to ways for teachers to use their iPad to help with management and assessment. I used Reflector to reflect my iPad onto my laptop to demo a few parts of the apps. The second part of the session was for people to explore different ways for their students to use iPads and extension activities.
Here is a link to my presentation.  http://goo.gl/vCHGpE 

As always, after a session at a conference it is great to leave feedback for the hosts. So.... if you attended my session and didn't leave feed back you can do that here Session Evaluation ! It is not too late!

I look forward to Flipped Education's next event in May: Minnesota Google Summit aka #MNGS

If you would like to know more about my day at #iSummitMN please visit my personal blog.
Here is the link to my personal blog. http://goo.gl/yN7tgb
  -- Angie--

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