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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Recommended Apps!

Its FINALLY here! I get asked all the time what apps I use in my teaching and I have finally been able to compile a list sorted by skill and hyper-linked directly to the app in iTunes! I think its important to say that all of the apps on this list have been used in my classroom repeatedly. I will often download an app thinking it will be the next greatest thing, only to find out that it isn't so great. So before an app gets added to this list it has to stand the test of time in my classroom--which is tougher than you might think! And of course, this will always be a working document, so please stop by often and check it out! If you have any apps that you think should be added please let us know! We LOVE recommendations!  I am currently working on skill based cards with the app icons on them (my Spring Break project-teachers are really never done working are we?!?!) and will post those here as well for you as soon as I can! Happy app hunting!

The Techie Teachers Recommended Skill Work Apps for Early Elementary

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