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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Using iPad apps for RTI success!

In a continuous effort to support Tier 3 students in our classroom and incorporate technology seamlessly with instruction, I decided to create a RTI (for those of you who aren't familiar with RTI learn more about it here) Tier 3 intervention with some of my struggling readers by utilizing an iPad app.  I decided to focus on only 1 component of their reading, sight word acquisition. I choose this for multiple reasons. Primarily, I believe that in order to advance through our Guided Reading levels (especially from a B book to a C book) that we use in Kindergarten one of the main factors is a student's knowledge of sight words. Secondly, these students are falling below our targeted benchmark for this time of year. If you know RTI you know that at the heart of it all is data based decision making, so data we will use!

My plan is this: each student who I determine is in need of a sight word intervention based on current sight word assessment scores will receive 10 minutes of solo activity time on the Little Spellers Sight Word App in addition to the interventions they are currently receiving.   I chose this app versus all the other sight word apps out there because it is the one I am most familiar with, I can customize their sight word practice lists, and I like the format of the app.  The students will see the word written on the middle of the screen, surrounded by the letters of the word. They will then hear the word and they then drag the letters to the bottom of the screen, where they respell the word. The voice then repeats what the word and immediately loads the next word.  Not a lot of fuss, but that's what I like about it. Direct, to the point, but yet more engaging & teaching for my students than doing boring old flashcards.
I will be scoring the students weekly on their sight word assessments, and after 6 weeks I will report to your our progress! Hopefully my iPad Sight Word Intervention will be a huge success--just like my hard working KinderFriends!

And make sure you check out Little Spellers Sight Word App, its a staple on all of my classroom technology!  Leave us a comment if there are any apps that you like to use in interventions!                                         
iPhone Screenshot 3
Screen shots from iTunes showing the app's awesomeness!            

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