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Monday, March 25, 2013

App Review: Coin Math

Students LOVE learning about money....but unfortunately money is one of the most difficult math concepts for children to fully understand, especially in the upper elementary grades. Because of this, we feel it is extremely important to expose students to the basic concepts of money and give them plenty of exploration time.  As teachers we really enjoy teaching the students about money, it has its own built in attention grabber and it lends itself so nicely to many independent working activities. A great way to incorporate technology with concepts of money is with the terrific Coin Math App by Recession Apps. Here's a few reasons why we are liking this app:
1~Whats tricky about starting to learn about money is all of the different coin designs that are out there now. This makes money identification much more difficult for our students. This app uses up to date images of the various heads and tails of coins, making the What the Coins Look Like and Match the Coins portions of the app very applicable and helpful to our students. We really like that the interface is easily understandable by Kindergartners, but yet still appeals to older students who need this practice (perfect for EL students too!)
photo.JPG2~For $1.99 you get a wide variety of money activities that reach a range of ability levels. We love that this app lets you work on not only coin identification, but counting coins, shopping, and making change. The advanced options gets you a longer time frame of use for this app, working for students Kindergarten through Middle School (and even longer if someone needs some practice working with money) A fair price for a great app, now that make CENTS! (sorry~couldn't resist the lame coin pun)

Not only do we love this app, but our students do too! So we created a iPad Activity Extension Pack that goes along with this app. It lets our students continue with some great money math practice even away from the iPads. Check it out at our Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking the picture link below!

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