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Friday, March 22, 2013


If you have a projector and an iPad you are set.
There are a few different ways we can display our iPad screen using the projector wirelessly
http://www.airserver.com/  and http://www.reflectorapp.com/ . I have used Reflector personally and love it. How to use Reflector

  1. Open Reflector on your computer
  2. Make sure your iPad and computer are on the same WiFi
  3. Double tap your home button on your iPad
  4. Slide your finger to the right
  5. Touch the icon that looks like a rectangle with an arrow coming out
  6. Touch your computer name
  7. Turn "on"
Now your iPad will reflect onto your screen. This is a great way for students to share the neat things they are doing with the rest of the class or present their Keynote presentations.

Check out http://www.splashtop.com/splashtop2 to turn your iPad into a portable SMARTboard. It is an app you download in the App Store that allows you to control your computer from your iPad.

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