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Monday, July 8, 2013

Another SUPER fun Creativity App: Animals iMix!

Since we've been all about creativity apps this summer I thought we'd keep the ball rolling with another one of my favorites....Animals Imix! You can find this SUPER fun app here! It is listed currently for .99, and trust me this one is worth the dollar! My students this past year loved to use it during their free choice time. It is a pretty silly iPad/iPod app, one that definitely tickles my KinderKiddo's funny bones! 
Basically you touch and swipe 3 different sections of a character (head, abdomen, legs) as a mix and match to create new and crazy characters! So for instance I just made a Jelterroo--the head of a JELlyfish, abdomen of a butTERfly and the legs of a kangaROO! The possibilities are seemingly endless, and even more so-hilarious!! They list being able to create over 2,000 comic characters with components from animals, food and make believe characters.  Now for the learning part (you know us, there always needs to be some learning and accountability!) After you create your character you just press on the syllable segment to hear each portion pronounced. Great for my students needing to practice blending skills as it offers immediate feedback.  They even added a cool feature that lets you listen to the new characters name, hearing all 3 parts blended together.  If the picture itself didn't crack them up this most certainly does!  They absolutely love it, and even I found myself giggling at their creations!  

Seeing how intrigued my students were with this app during the school year, I decided to utilize it in Summer School and take it a step further.  I created an iMix Character Report where students create whatever character they want using the iPad and the iMix app, and then fill out a sort of bio about it.  Its basic and to the point, but exactly what my students this summer need to practice their writing skills in a fun way!  It has also really helped my EL students think outside the box and work on categories of words. For instance, when they write about what their character would eat they are thinking of the many different food words they are learning/learned.  I also like to add in explaining why their character would eat that when they present their reports to the class.  This helps us to continuously work on speaking and listening skills.  It's fun and educational, exactly what we love about incorporating technology into learning! Stop on by our TPT store to get the iMix report for FREE! Make sure to leave us some TPT love and don't forget to follow us on TPT and our blog!

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