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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Tides of Caribou

Angie's Yummy Tropical Tea
We are back at our 'office' space, our favorite local Caribou! We've been meeting here every week to prepare for our upcoming Resource Training & Solutions classes. Although today we weren't able to sit at our regular table---that kinda threw us for a loop! You'd think for the amount of time we spend here they'd designate us a Normoff table! We both managed to start walking toward the wrong table-sorry to those kind people who were probably wondering who we were & why we were looking longingly in their direction. I would say our relationship with that table is much like Sheldon's spot on the couch in the tv show The Big Bang Theory!

To help put into perspective of the amount of hard work & increased time we are doing we have now identified the ebb & flow patterns of Caribou Coffee. We are there for so long during the day that we see the breakfast rush come in, morning lull go out... midday rush come in, afternoon lull go out... after work rush come in, dinner lull go out.... We have yet to stay until close but you never know what the future may hold!

Why are we putting in so many hours?! Normoff is hard at work making sure that the content & presentations of our 9 education & technology focused classes this August are AMAZING!!! We are super excited to be able to share with Minnesota educators & families how to make the most out of incorporating iPads/iPods into students' lives. 

Angie's Tropical Tea after 5 hours!
 Our courses are: iPad Basics, iPad Apps for Kids, iPad Apps for Teachers, How to Maximize Learning using iPad in Daily Lesson Plans, QR Codes and Formative Assessment Apps.  Any of them sound intriguing? Good News! You can still register for our courses! Some of the dates have filled up, but please still contact Resource Training & Solutions to register. They may even add more sessions and dates. If the only date that'd work for you is full just contact us & we'll see what we can do! We've also had the privilege of presenting in local school districts; so if you, your grade level, your school or your school district would like to host your own private session just let us know! Technology & education is what we LOVE and getting to share that with others is the BEST!

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